The Pocket Guide to Building Your Own Home

The Pocket Guide to Building Your Own Home

[Mobile library] The Pocket Guide to Building Your Own Home

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Book Description : Hundreds of thousands of us renovate, convert, extend and improve our homes each year, and one-third of all new detached homes are self-built. If you’re looking to build your own property from scratch or work on your existing home, this is the book for you. Home building expert, and bestselling author David Snell draws on his expertise and personal experiences of building his own bungalow to bring together the essential information that you need when building your property. Covering everything from budgeting and finance, to evaluating the land and dealing with suppliers this comprehensive guide takes you through the basics to ensure that you are well-equipped to deal with any challenges or problems that may arise. Fully up-to-date and packed with authoritative advice, this practical handbook is essential reading for everyone from those building their own home, to anyone planning some home improvements.