The Art of Community: Building the New Age of Participation

The Art of Community: Building the New Age of Participation

[Get free] The Art of Community: Building the New Age of Participation

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Description : Online communities provide a wide range of opportunities for supporting a cause, marketing a product or service, or building open source software. The Art of Community helps you recruit members, motivate them, and manage them as active participants. Author Jono Bacon offers experiences and observations from his 14-year effort to build and manage communities, including his current position as manager for Ubuntu.Discover how your community can become a reliable support network, a valuable source of new ideas, and a powerful marketing force. This expanded edition shows you how to keep community projects on track, make use of social media, and organize collaborative events. Interviews with 12 community management leaders, including Linus Torvalds, Tim Orsquo;Reilly, and Mike Shinoda, provide useful insights.Develop specific objectives and goals for building your communityBuild processes to help contributors perform tasks, work together, and share successesProvide tools and infrastructure that enable members to work quicklyCreate buzz around your community to get more people involvedHarness social media to broadcast information, collaborate, and get feedbackUse several techniques to track progress on community goalsIdentify and manage conflict, such as dealing with divisive personalities