Live Work in Britain: The most accurate, practical and comprehensive guide to living and working in Britain

Live Work in Britain: The most accurate, practical and comprehensive guide to living and working in Britain

(Download pdf ebook) Live Work in Britain: The most accurate, practical and comprehensive guide to living and working in Britain

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Book Snippet : Britain has long been a magnet for people from abroad attracted by its way of life and healthy economy: the recent influx of people from new member countries of the European Union has only increased the trend. Live Work in Britain is a complete guide to daily life, from finding a home to the art of queuing, all illustrated with first-hand accounts from people living in Britain. This book is part of the popular Live Work series and is full colour, with numerous maps and photographs throughout. Set out so the information is easily accessible, the book guides you through the practicalities of a move to Britain, from setting up home to finding a job and enjoying time off. In particular, it gives advice on renting accommodation in the major cities, opening the right bank account, finding your ideal home and getting used to the British way of life. There is also easy access to urgent information such as emergency phone numbers. The employment section of the book covers vital information, such as information on business etiquette, the skills and trades most in demand, permanent, seasonal and temporary work, salaries, working hours and holidays, trade unions and contracts, starting or buying your own business and sources of advice and assistance. “Essential information for anyone considering making the move” The Times ldquo;Excellent seriesrdquo; The Times