Modeling Software Behavior: A Craftsman’s Approach

Modeling Software Behavior: A Craftsman’s Approach

(Ebook pdf) Modeling Software Behavior: A Craftsman’s Approach

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Book Snippet : A common problem with most texts on requirements specifications is that they emphasize structural models to the near exclusion of behavioral modelsmdash;focusing on what the software is, rather than what it does. If they do cover behavioral models, the coverage is brief and usually focused on a single model. Modeling Software Behavior: A Craftsmanrsquo;s Approachnbsp;provides detailed treatment of various models of software behavior thatnbsp;support early analysis, comprehension, and model-based testing.Based on the popular and continually evolving course on requirements specification models taught by the author at universities and corporate environments, the text covers six behavioral modelsmdash;providing the background behind these models and the required mathematics. As evidence of models at work, the author introduces eleven continuing examples. Five of these examples are illustrated with the six models, allowingnbsp;readers to easily compare the expressive power of the various models. The examples chosen reflect a wide variety of behavioral issues.Providing complete coverage that includes flowcharts, decision tables, finite state machines, two variations of Petri Nets, and StateCharts, this book willnbsp;help students develop the understanding of the expressive capabilities and limitations ofnbsp;models of system behavior needed to make informed and appropriate choices among different models when confronted with new challenges.