Money: Getting It, Using It, and Avoiding the Traps (It Happened to Me)

Money: Getting It, Using It, and Avoiding the Traps (It Happened to Me)

(Get free) Money: Getting It, Using It, and Avoiding the Traps (It Happened to Me)

Book Note : Money: Getting It, Using It, and Avoiding the Traps: The Ultimate Teen Guide, is a concise, practical book for young adults that addresses the all-important issue of money. Author Robin Brancato provides answers to the toughest questions you’d ever ask about money, including: How much should parents and guardians subsidize you? Is it fair if money gifts from Grandma have strings attached? If you want a job, how do you get one, and how do you make sure the benefits outweigh the hassles? What kind of business could you start on your own? How can you negotiate finances gracefully within your family and on your job? Can you discipline yourself to put money away, and, if so, where? What does the fine print on the credit card contract say? What are the exact terms of the cell phone deal? And how do you deal with the friend who borrows and never pays back? These questions are not only answered by the author, but also by teen contributors who share their own personal stories. Additionally, full bibliographical source listings, which steer readers to courses, activities, organizations, and web sites, are included. The concluding pagesmdash;complete with self-evaluationsmdash;will help young adults gain financial confidence for now and for the years ahead.

But, there are nonetheless considerations around personal data and transparency. The internet must also present better providers and greater involvement and participation. It is important that the next era internet is designed for people, in order that it may possibly meet its full potential for each the society and the financial system.

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